January 23, 2016

Hold Music

Hold music can engage and retains callers. Music is all around us, and it influences us daily wether you are aware of it or not. Take advantage of the time your callers spend on hold by setting the tone and driving your message home to the listener.

As an on-hold music provider, our Royalty Free music on-hold library was produced with your callers in mind. With the right music and the right voice you can increase caller retention, create brand awareness, and influence purchasing decisions.

Your on-hold music selection can be mixed with a custom voiceover to create a branded on-hold production for your business. If you choose not to add a voice over, and only want hold music for your phone system then a custom on hold music file will be provided to you.

Hold music formats vary and depending on your telephone system you may require one format over another. Popular formats for music on hold recordings are, but are not limited to (.mp3) and (.wav) files.

If you are not using your telephone systems internal music on hold feature, but are instead using a music on-hold player then you will need to reference the manual for that device to determine the audio format that is required.



on hold music and messagingThere are laws in place to protect artists and labels that prevent businesses from using their music for commercial purposes without paying a licensing fee. By using On Hold Music Studios royalty free music library you can rest assured that legally you are are covered by our blanket license to broadcast our hold music on your telephone system.

Can’t I just use the radio for my on-hold music?? There are multiple responses to this question but the most common, and the most logical one is that it’s a risk. Why risk a caller being offended by a fowl mouthed DJ? Why risk broadcasting and promoting your competitors radio advertisements to your callers that are waiting on-hold. Last, why risk offending your callers with music they may find offensive? There is no guarantee that the music being rotated at the radio station is appropriate for business.

Can’t I just use my .mp3 music library for my hold music? The short answer is no, the long answer is heck no. That music and those artists are protected by licensing laws the prohibit the commercial use of those songs without legal consent or a commercial broadcasting license.

Where does On Hold Music Studio get the music from?

On Hold Music Studio works with some of the top producers of music in our industry. Music from our libraries have been broadcasted on radio, local television, and cable networks throughout the country. Our music is current, funky, fresh, and ready to entertain your callers. If you choose to obtain a music license yourself then we would suggest getting an ASCAP license.

Contact On Hold Music Studio at 1-844-673-2779 for more information about our on-hold services and how we can help your business leverage this advantage by broadcast your message to a captive audience that has been placed on hold.


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