January 23, 2016

Phone Messages

Do we produce phone messages? Yes, we produce a massive amount of phone messages for thousands of businesses on a national and international scale. As general as this question may appear, there are a handful of actual applications that are commonly referred to as a phone message. What I wanted to do here was help you identify what phone message your business may be in need of. The order of this list directly relates to the phone messaging services we most commonly write and produce audio content for.

phone messages, IVR, auto attendants, Interactive voice response


Considering that 95% of this website is focused around this service, I won’t go into major detail here. However, if you landed here before you had a chance to visit those pages I will brief you on the service. On hold music and messaging is a service that is used to promote and advertise your products and services to a captive audience. There are some interesting case studies that have taken place over the years that make some amazing claims about caller retention, influence, mood, and the benefits of utilizing hold time to communicate to your callers. 


IVR recordings are produced in a way that allows for interaction with human callers. Just think about a financial institution or a large medical facility that has an automated call handler that answers the phone, presents you with menu options, then navigates you through a pre-recorded menu of options based on your response.This interaction on the caller side is usually done through voice response or from key commands (DTMF tones).

IVR systems are typically put into place to improve the callers experience, expedite phone calls, and assist with high call volume. Some of the newer hosted phone solutions like VOIP and hosted PBX systems have integrated IVR menu options that allow for IVR to be utilized. These IVR menus can be extremely complicated and require an IVR call mapping strategy and menu structure. After the IVR has been mapped, the voice prompts get submitted to studio where they are recorded, produced, and formatted for the telephone system. These can be massive projects, or they can be simple. I have recorded and produced a 50 prompt IVR menu, and I have produced an 8,000 prompt IVR menu. If you are looking for IVR services I would suggest contacting your service provider to confirm that your phone system is equipped with IVR capabilities. If you are in need of phone messages, or the IVR voice recordings then you have come to the right place. Give us a call or email us, we would be happy to help.


There are people in the communications business that cross reference IVR and Auto Attendants. Although they may seem on the surface like the same thing, they each serve a different purpose. An IVR is in place to answer a call, receive input from a caller, and respond. An auto attendant is very basic, it’s only purpose is to route calls. The IVR system at your financial institution is probably the best example of an IVR I could give. You call in, you are prompted about your call, you respond with a voice or key command, and that interaction continues until your destination is reached. With an auto attendant you call into a car dealership and it prompts you with a very simple request, for sales press 1, for repair press 2.

There may be some technical detail missing here but I wanted to give you a very basic, real life example of these and how they function. If you are looking for Auto Attendant services I would suggest contacting your service provider to confirm that your phone system is equipped with the auto Attendant feature. If you are in need of phone messages, or Auto Attendant voice recordings then you have come to the right place. Give us a call or email us, we would be happy to help.


Voicemail messages are a highly requested form of phone messages. If this is what you were thinking when you searched for phone messages then you came to the right spot. With so many people conducting business on the go with smart phones and mobile devices the need to portray a professional image when they receive inbound phone calls is greater then ever. Those calls if not answered are typically redirected to a voicemail service that prompts the caller to leave a message. These voicemail messages can be custom recordings or pre-recorded generic prompts. The benefit to having a professional voicemail message recorded and produced is the polish and professional image it projects. First impressions are acting impressions and if you have a quality voicemail message that was professionally written and recorded then the first impression your callers will have of you is – Professional.




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