January 23, 2016

Music On Hold Player

You need a music on hold player, you’re getting ready to tap into the promotional power of on-hold messaging. You have made the decision to communicate to your callers while they wait on-hold, and now you wonder what on-hold messaging equipment is best suited for your phone system. This is a great question, and there is no right or wrong choice. But there are options, and options are good.

Below I will list a few of the more popular devices on the market today. The audio quality of the various devices available really don’t differ that much if at all. The real difference is the process involved when updating the audio content. These processes can be completely automated or they may require a little involvement by the end user (you). Both have their advantages. The two device types I have listed below are available from many manufacturers. The two update processes are the most common on the market today. These are the devices we stock and service, and this is how the content is updated for each of them.


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The USB on hold messaging equipment for business is a favorite. The device is compact enough to fit in the equipment closet or under the front desk in the reception area. It takes an .mp3 formatted audio file and broadcasts out of an 8 OHM RCA output. Installation is a piece of cake. You literally insert a USB thumb drive into the front of the on hold player, connect the audio cable to the audio input of your phone system, and supply the device with power. Boom! Installed and broadcasting.


The update method for this on hold player comes through email. It’s an .mp3 file that is emailed from the on hold production studio, direct to your inbox. It requires some user interaction. The end user (you) will need to access the on hold music player and power it off by removing the power supply. For some reason most of the on hold equipment wasn’t designed with an on/off switch, if I were to guess why that was, I would say it’s because the device is intended to be left on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Anyway, after the device has been powered off, you will remove the USB drive from the front of the player and return to your computer. After inserting the USB drive into your computer, the old on hold production gets deleted and the new one gets downloaded from your email and loaded onto the USB drive. Return the USB drive to your on hold messaging equipment and insert it back into the device. Resupply the device with power and your new professional on hold production will begin broadcasting to callers that have been placed on hold.


The networked music on hold player is unique with it’s delivery method. Instead of receiving  an .mp3 audio file through email, the networked based on hold messaging equipment connects to your local network through an available port on your router or switch. If you have DHCP on your network then your device will inherit an IP address and the other required fields (subnet/gateway/etc) will auto populate. With this configuration in place, the On Hold Music Studio would deliver your updated audio content to our CMS through a file transportation protocol and your on hold equipment would automatically update within the call home intervals assigned to it. There would be no physical involvement from the end user (you).

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This is a rather simple process when compared to the USB message on hold player. With the networked based on hold equipment, there is no user interaction needed once the device has been set up and configured. There are multiple call home intervals that the device is scheduled to make. At that time, when the device connects to the server it will update the on hold marketing content that has been pre produced and loaded to the devices profile. Again, no user interaction needed.


Here are a few tips that should help you make an educated decision when determining which on hold player is best suited for your business. Basically there are two decisions to make. A) Price. and B) Convenience. The USB device runs $125 dollars and requires physical interaction to update the on hold content. The networked player runs $325 and doesn’t require any user interaction. The audio quality is the same between the devices. So it’s price an convenience and don’t let anyone tell you anything different.


Now in the perfect world that’s all that would be involved with the installation of your message on hold player. However, often times there are unforeseen variables that can make the installation process a bit more complicated. Some phone systems do not have an audio input for a message on hold player. Some businesses don’t have a phone system but instead use small four line business phones. Then there are facilities that don’t have an available network port located near the phone system or the front desk for the networked players. I’m not going to get into resolving these issues here, but wanted to make you aware of them.

Contact On Hold Music Studio at (817) 768-6786 for more information about our on-hold services and how we can help your business leverage this advantage by broadcast your message to a captive audience that has been placed on hold.


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