May 20, 2016

Audio Production

on hold voice talentAudio Production Services:

We offer a slew of audio production services for small, medium, and large businesses. Our core products and services are telephony based audio recordings for business phone systems. These recordings can range from on-hold music and messaging, interactive voice recordings, auto attendants, phone messages, and voicemail messages.


Other Audio Production Services:

• Radio advertisinge learning course development

• E-learning course development

• Intranet training modules

• Employee orientations

• E-books

• Voice overs for animations

• Dialogue

• Podcasts and Narrations


The studio is equipped with three studios (A,B,&C) and a live room designed for the recording of bands and foley. We staff two full time audio engineers and a part-audio production studiotime video editor for post and sound design. All of our creative writers are part-time and freelance. In addition to the studio services we provide we offer our space to other freelance engineers and producers for audio and video production. We hold events, training classes, and network meetings in our lounge area for local companies and businesses looking to grow their network.



I’ll admit it, microphones and mic preamplifiers have been somewhat of an obsession for me over the years. We have a collection of mic’s that range from Neumann to Bock, Sure to Blue. We use the RE20 studio mic for podcasts and live audio feeds. Our DAW of choice is Pro Tools. It just makes sense to stick with an industry standard like Pro Tools. Every intern we have had come through the studio has known Pro Tools and nothing else really. Sad, but true.


Our creative writers have worked with us for years. Most of them are local and physically come in and work in the studio lounge. Free wifi, cool environment, beer and wine in the fridge, it’s the ultimate creative environment that inspires good workers to stick around and get the job done. I am all about creativity (I’m a music producer by trade) and feeding that creativity within the minds of our writers produces fantastic results when writing scripts for commercial purposes, or for viral video campaigns. Writing is often times overlooked, I understand what a quality writer brings to the table… that’s why I pay them to do it for my clients. I do however find great joy in bantering and sharing my perspective so I decided to do all the writing on this site. Guess that’s a perk of being the boss.

Engineers – Producers:

on hold recording studioOur audio engineers double as producers when in session. We can’t afford to pay 2-3 people to sit around and offer opinions during recording sessions so we compensate the engineers a little extra to pay close attention and monitor that the script is being read exactly as written, tone, pace, and inflection matches that of the script and the clients requests. It’s a job that takes technical knowhow, patience, and extreme focus. There have been times I have sat in recording sessions for 10 hours straight recording voice talent after voice talent for e-learning courses. Every word had to be monitored, and every word had to be read exactly as “legal” approved it. The studio is not always a party, we do get some work done here also!


At the end of the day we have a ton of fun doing what we do. Spending my days in the studio with friends and other like minded creative folk is a dream come true. We would love to be a part of your project, if there are voice talents you are looking for that we don’t feature then just shoot us a call or email us. We have more voice talent in our network then we have room to list here. Music On Hold Production StudioWe look forward to sharing our experiences with you and making your audio/visual project a raging success. On Hold Music Studio | On Hold Music and Messaging Phoenix AZ 85014 1202 E Maryland Ave #1b 5 4.9 1 6 On hold music and messaging services for business Mo-Fr 08:00-17:30 $$$$ (844) 673-2779 https:// Jordan Beriault