January 23, 2016

Voice Overs

Voice overs are everywhere! They can be found at the gas pumps, on tv, radio, phone systems, the internet, overhead at the grocery store, motion detectors, and dozens of other applications. The services we provide here at On Hold Music Studio are only possible because we are a recording studio with recording engineers that work with voiceover recording artists. That is our product. Voice.

Considering all of the applications that utilize voiceover recordings it really comes down to a handful of services. When categorized by voicing technique it may make it easier for you to visualize what these services are and/or could be. Although our services are commercial in nature, we do have professional voiceover talent in our network that have experience doing other variations of voiceover work. You can visit our phone messages page for more information regarding that.

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Character Voiceovers

This style voiceover is applicable to any animation or radio broadcast that would portray a character and give voice and personality traits to that character.

Creative Voiceovers

This voiceover is often associated with a narrative style. A creative voiceover can accompany a picture or sequence and tells a story or narrates a scene.

Educational Voiceovers

These are common in our studio. We have produced educational audio content for e-learning courses that have been sold around the globe. An educational voiceover typically accompanies on-screen content of some sort, either video or still imagery of topical reference. If you have ever seen a National Geographic series you may recall that there were segments of the video that were accompanied by a voiceover, yet the on screen imagery was that of a landscape or animals.

Commercial Voice overs

Commercial voiceover applications could include radio, television, internet, and any other audible broadcast that is used for commercial purposes. Typically commercial references product or brand promotion. Companies will spend lots of time and money finding a quality voiceover actor that can audibly represent their product or service. It truly is an art.

Translation Voice overs

This could apply to everything mentioned above, any style voiceover may at some point need to be translated. I never really considered this a variation of voice work but Wiki had it listed so added it.

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