July 17, 2016

Voicemail Messages

Voicemail Messages For Business:

voicemail message recordingsIf you don’t have the luxury of grabbing the phone when it rings, then the next best thing is serving up a professionally recorded voicemail message to the caller that’s hanging on the line to leave you a message. First impressions are lasting impressions, the first impression your caller may get is that you aren’t staffed enough to handle the inbound calls. Now, that’s not the perception most businesses would want their callers to have but it’s a harsh reality that a lot of businesses have to face. So take advantage of that second opportunity you have to communicate with your callers and serve them a professionally written and recorded voicemail message. Look, it’s not expensive, and it audibly portrays a polished image to your audience.


This is what we think our image is online:

captive marketing

Every marketer will tell you that image is everything. Your website needs to look like this or that, the staff should be uniform, the brand should be consistent across all of your platforms…. and so on. Well, if you walked into our studio you would find a ton of impressive recording equipment, comfortable furniture, and a very open creative environment. Heck, might even be a few beers in the fridge. Our studio is far from an example of a well kept image/place for clients to come in and conduct business. Guess what, we don’t have clients into the studio. The first impression they receive is either from an inbound phone call or email and our immediate response to those. Our response time and our line of communication is second to none. We love to communicate, and if you call and we are not available we will communicate that to you with a professionally recorded voicemail message. It’s that simple.

In reality… it’s a bit more like this.

on hold music studio




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